How to be romantic with your girlfriend ! Expert Openion

Mainly new couples have question how to be romantic with your girlfriend because Romance is a very important part of your relationship. you know keeping romance alive will strengthen your relationship. It is important that you are in a new relationship or in any one which has existed for years. You can demonstrate daily actions to show it to your romantic side or you can plan an extraordinary trip.

You know that, Gift is not the only way to get the love of your woman. This post is a modern twist on how you can bring romance back into your relationship using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as old past prescriptions such as throat, caddles and kisses.

Today Event Smooch give you Some tips that how to be romantic with your girlfriend :

1. Always hold her hand around her hips/sides.

Hold her hand. Holding hands not only will you feel connected, it will declare the world: "We are a couple!" Go closer to him so that you should be on the shoulder side. You can see how it responds to this first touch, and your hands will be so close enough that you can hold it easily.

2. Fall asleep on the phone with her.

Quality is important for the success of the relationship. Even on this day and in the age of texting and social media, 87% of teenagers still talk to their significant other on the phone. An additional effort of phone calls can show a girl that you are really interested and want to feel her. Whether you are calling your long-time girlfriend or you are dear to you, use these phone tips for a conversation that will make her happy.

3. Show An Interest In Her Interests

If your girlfriend has a Hobby or Passion that you have always effectively ignored, then show some interest in it and promote her respect. You do not have to necessarily take part in yourself, but you will feel important because of watching some of his football games or providing positive feedback about her interest. Reciprocal respect is the glue of successful relationships, so if you are acting as if its interests are trivial or accidental, then it is time to start showing some enthusiasm.

4. Plan A Trip Together

Whether you can stop working for a full week or just a long weekend, planning a getaway together will ruin your relationship. Planning a holiday is fun every time as a main event, so start sending screenshots of each other in Jamaica's beaches and discounted airports.

As soon as you have found a destination like you both, you should see what to present it. Are there activities that you want to do both?
If you want, for example, to go to the mountains, but if your partner is eager for diving, South Tyrol may not be the right choice and you should look closer to Vietnam, where you can make a hiking trip to Sapa In the North Highlands and your partner will find amazing dive center on the beach of Nha Trang in the south.

Both of you should be happy and each of you should be looking forward to a charm. Of course, the best will be a mutual attraction.

5. Change Up Your Bedroom Routine

If you have seen that your girlfriend has recently increased the enthusiasm for sex, you may need to change your normal routine. When it becomes obvious that something needs to be changed, men often mistake it to believe that everything needs to be made difficult, fast and for a long time. Women often hate it. The key to appeasing your girlfriend is usually less about introducing wild new positions and props, and to do more with genuine interest in clear communication and happiness. If you want a better sex life in 2016, ask him what he likes to do more to you, and if you are in the game, start with it.

6 . Consider The Level Of Commitment

You are reading an article about making your girlfriend happy, so it is clear that you value her and your relationship with her. Assuming that she feels the same, the final way to make her smile can be to raise your level of commitment. Depending on how long you have been together for a long time, there may be several forms: it can mean buying cars or pets together, walking with each other, or, if the time is right, So maybe even popping up the question.

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